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Maya (OctPoWriMo #14)

Beyond what we might touch or feel
There’s no way to ken what’s true
Can any of us know what’s real?

We try our empty days to fill
A life of meaning try to hew
Beyond what we might touch or feel

The world’s cacophony is shrill
Illusion we cannot cut through
Can any of us know what’s real?

Collective fears we can’t conceal
Nor can we heal our worldview
Beyond what we might touch or feel

From each of life’s harsh blows we reel
Then think we have begun anew
Can any of us know what’s real?

Until we can pull back the veil
Between earth and heaven and then step through
Beyond what we might touch or feel
Can any of us know what’s real?

Today’s OctPoWriMo offering, a villanelle based on the word prompts: truth, absolute, bravado, reckoning, freedom, peace, flexible, fortitude, independent, reason

Dare (OctPoWriMo #13)

From the world
No one can reach me
I’m invincible in my
No holes for air; I can’t breathe
I risk everything
To climb out

Today’s OctPoWriMo offering is a Butterfly Oddquain based on the word prompts: chains, freedom, breakthrough, open mind, flight

Since I first saw my silly Sophie
And my Sophie first saw me
We have shared long days together
She is now my best friend ever

We’ve gone for walks and we’ve gone camping
She really likes a bit of pampering
One time she tried to chase a rabbit
I’m not sure how she thought she’d grab it

She likes to sleep on the sofa arm
Where she is safe from any harm
She snores her little doggie snores
And I just love her more and more

Today’s OctPoWriMo offering is just a simple rhyme based on the word prompts: playful, childlike silly. And my Sophie.

A tree in my neighborhood

I invited my muse on my daily walk
And hoped that she would come along
I felt we needed a chance to talk
So I could ask where I’d gone wrong

She told me that I needn’t fear
I must but listen in order to hear
Now I set my intention as I tie my laces
And so am back in her good graces

Today’s OctPoWriMo offering is a Rispetto, based on the word prompts: Muse, Inspiration, In the flow, Creativity. Part of the suggested prep for today’s session was to write a letter to your muse, asking the best way to hear them, work with them, and how to work in the creative stream. It seems that mine, much as Julia Cameron emphasizes in many of her books, beginning with The Artist’s Way, thinks I should be having a daily walk.

No Regrets (OctPoWriMo #10)

I hoped to set myself free, released from so many regrets
But I saw each choice gave way to events or people well met
How can I rue a “bad” decision that led to happiness?
It seems that joy has always risen from times of tears and stress
Sometimes the paths we’re meant to explore seem to lead us to hell
And yet with each hard lesson won, we can find much good as well
With each road chosen, we try to ken a way to hedge our bets
Plan each and every step ahead like we’re in a game of chess
Which mistakes then might bring the best endings? Time and we will tell

Today’s OctPoWriMo offering is in the form of a CingTroisDecaLa Rhyme, risen from the prompts: letting go, forgiveness, victory, smoke

Fairy portal at Collier-Seminole State Park

I wanted to see fairies
Fairies like in my story books
Books I escaped in whenever I could
Could I ever see them? Where should I look?

I try to catch them unaware
Unaware my plans are for naught
Naught I can do but wait for the moon
Moon in the sky, I’ll dance about

I never saw a fairy one
One day I finally realized why
Why we can’t see them all the time
Time to look with my heart, not my eye

Today’s OctPoWriMo offering, a Loop poem, based on the prompts: thoughts, feelings, heartfelt, practical, whimsical, and my delight in finding tiny doorways in nature.

Boundary (OctPoWriMo #8)

Holy, Radiant
Flying, Singing, Miracling
Wings, Halo…………Tail, Horns
Cursing, Tempting, Damning
Fallen, Lost

Today’s OctPoWriMo offering is a Diamante, from a prompt about breaking boundaries, and influenced, no doubt, by my current Netflix binge-watching of Lucifer.

Tired (OctPoWriMo #7)

I’m just so tired
Tired of being “safer at home”
Tired of being afraid
Tired of people being ugly to each other
Tired of waiting, waiting, waiting
And we don’t even know how long
Are these birth pangs?
Or death throes?
I almost don’t care anymore
I just want to be done

Some day soon, I’ll travel far
Maybe in a fast sports car
Or maybe get a caravan
To tow behind my minivan
Sail away to secluded islands
Pick heather in the Scottish highlands
See pyramids, Egyptian and Aztec
Glaciers and Northern lights from a ship’s deck
See Earth’s natural and historic glories
And then write amazing, wonderful stories

Today’s OctPoWriMo offering is in the form of Con-Verse, based on the prompts: What is your desire and how can you follow your desire? Desire, Steps, Journey

They say to forgive
That forgiveness leads to healing
But how does that help
When your heart is
Split, shattered
Broken, scattered
In shards at your feet
Gather up the all the pieces
Maybe a few are missing
Maybe it won’t go back just like it was
But that’s okay
You’re not just like you were, either
Reassemble as best you can
Throw in some extras that weren’t there before
Replace what was lost with something better
And remember, remember, remember
That the only person you ever need to forgive
Is yourself

Tonight’s OctPoWriMo offering of free verse brought to you by the prompts: healing, creating, heart

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