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Library Loot

Thanksgiving 2013 phone pix plus 012

Back at the Oldsmar Library this week. After a “more aggressive” shoulder therapy session with Dr. Joe, I still had a full travel-cup of coffee from rushing out the door to make the appointment on time, and so I didn’t want to go somewhere where I had to buy a coffee to justify my taking up space. I remembered the” library cafe” and decided to head that way. Before getting settled in at one of the little tables, though, I visited their books-for-sale shelf – hardbacks $1; paperbacks 25¢. Score!

My writer’s shelf can always use another Joseph Campbell mythology reference book.

A Journey North is about a woman’s hike along the entirety of the Appalachian Trail – something I have always wanted to do, at least along part of it.

The Lost Boy is Dave Pelzer’s book about being in foster care, a sequel to his book, A Child Called ‘It’, about his early life as the family target of his mother’s insane abuse. I read the first book years ago. It was pretty horrifying and I could never bring myself to read more about it, but now I work in child services and our foster parents are often encouraged to read this, so when I saw it I decided it was time for me to read it, too.

I’ve read several books by Mitch Albom, so I grabbed this one, too.

Conversations With God as a fairly strange book. Neale Donald Walsh, as a writing and/or philosophy exercise, wrote out questions to God (whom he wasn’t sure existed) to see if he got any answers. As he wrote the questions, and thought about them, he felt answers coming into his mind that felt as if they were from outside his normal thinking process. He continued this over the course of weeks or months and ended up with some pretty profound answers that he believes came from somewhere besides his own brain. I read it several years ago and when I saw it, decided I’d like to read it again.

And finally, an Eyewitness Travel guide to Great Britain. I’ve always wished and hoped and longed to travel all over the world. I recently realized that I have never actually planned to travel. So, now I’m starting to make some travel plans. First, a Caribbean cruise out of the Port of Tampa, just to see if we like cruises, and also because Mother can go with us and I think she’ll actually enjoy it. And after that, yes, a trip to Great Britain will be in the works. Just thinking about it gives me butterflies.

Travel Help Epiphany

I like to read. On long trips, I would like to read in the car. But until our most recent trip, I was never able to do so due to motion sickness. If the car is moving, I can’t even look at the map for more than 30 seconds before getting queasy. As we were preparing for our recent Thanksgiving Trip To Texas, I remembered the medication I had gotten for a bout of vertigo several weeks ago.

Bonine is an antiemetic marketed to combat motion sickness. It worked beautfully. I was able to use my cushion-backed lapdesk for my daily journaling and also read almost all of The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging on the drive home. I may never get to drive the truck, but when Steve and I hit the road next spring pulling the new travel trailer, I’ll have lots of time for reading.

Summer Reading Club

When I was in grade school, the school library had special summer hours for students to check out books over the long summer break.  This was wonderful for me because the school was only three blocks from my house, while the city library was over three miles and many busy intersections away.

When the kids were little, we always participated in the local library’s summer reading club.  They had weekly story time for the little ones who weren’t reading yet, and then different age levels and prizes for the older kids.  We went to the library every week, and after we got home, we would all sit down at the dining table with our books, so I could write down all the titles each of us had checked out.  We then posted it on the fridge, so that the following week, we would know how many and which books we needed to search for so we wouldn’t have to pay past-due fines.

I knew our local Oldsmar library had a summer reading club, but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I realized it included an Adult level!  I got to be in the Summer Reading Club again!!

Yesterday, I got a phone call.  I had won a weekly prize in the Summer Reading Club!  Wooohoooo!  As you can see by the photo above, there is a substantial amount of loot here: a coffee mug with the Reading Club theme on it, several book marks, all of which contain flower seeds that will grow when you plant the bookmark in your flowerbed; a very pretty peacock picture frame, and a little gold butterfly bookmark that doesn’t get planted in the ground.  Oh!  And coupons for McDonald’s cheeseburgers. 


My New Library Card and What I’m Currently Reading

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