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Since moving to Tampa in Fall 2007, I have yet to be fully, happily employed.

I have worked at a “medspa” where clients came for botox, laser rejuvenation and the like. Every time someone walked through the door, I wanted to hug her (it was usually a her) and tell her that she looked just fine! I also started looking way to closely and worrying way to much about my own signs of aging. It was not a good fit for a feminist social-worker type.

I not-briefly-enough did bookkeeping for a paranoid-schizophrenic who was suspicious of my motives in asking him about the charges on the credit card bill (so I could code them properly for the general ledger entries).

I worked several months at a local bowling alley. It was actually pretty fun, except my number of scheduled hours varied widely so I never knew what my check would look like, and I sometimes had to work as late as 3:00 a.m. Even though I’m a night owl, I’m not THAT much of a night owl.

My last job was at a call center, verifying information for private colleges on people who had expressed an interest in pursuing their education. This sounds great, right? Except that most of the people “expressed their interest” through pop-ups on job boards that they thought were part of the application process, or because they thought they were submitting their information to win a new computer, video game console, Wal-Mart gift card, etc., etc., etc. So what I initially suspected was a phone sales job, but was assured that it wasn’t, turned out to be a phone sales job. I did finally get past that, and didn’t mind the job so much, as it was only about a mile from the house, but it was less that 30 hours per week – and, oh yeah – I’m not really a sales person. It finally became apparent to both me and my employers that it was unlikely that I would be able to make their expected quotas.

So, here I am, once again job-searching. My panic has been only slightly delayed by my small tax refund. I’m trying something different, though. I’ve signed up for the volunteer training class this Saturday with Suncoast Hospice. I have applied for a couple of positions with them since I’ve moved here, but even though I have ten years social service experience, I don’t have any specific hospice experience. I thought that it would be a positive use of my time and also might segue into something more.

Tangentially, my son had a singing valentine delivered to his wife by four tuxedo-clad members of Dallas’ Vocal Majority, a very talented men’s chorus. He sent me a video, and it was wonderful. I’ve thought about doing something like that from time to time, so I searched for a Tampa women’s chorus and found Toast of Tampa, an affiliate of Sweet Adelines International. I went last night as a visitor, was voice-placed as a baritone (upper alto) and paired with a Buddy who, if I pass my audition, will be a mentor to me for the next year or so. It was wonderful to be a in group of over 100 women singing 4-part harmony and really enjoying what they were doing. The director was great, and every person I met there was very nice and very friendly. I believe I have fallen in love.

Oh – and my buddy, Liz? Turns out she’s a nurse for Suncoast Hospice.

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