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I Just Wanted a Nice Pair of Boots

Every once in awhile, I decide there’s some item I actually want badly enough to make a foray into a department store or two. A few months ago, it was boots. I wanted a pair of non-Western-style boots to wear with skirts on the occasional colder days. I thought my requirements were pretty simple: leather, moderate-to-low heel, side zipper, attractive design suitable for work. Below is a small sample of what I found.

Here’s the “break-a-leg” boot, perhaps for aspiring thespians.

And the Harley girl biker boots.

Neither of which are made from anything that’s ever been near a cow.

And then there’s these lovely open-toed pumps in an array of colors to match any ensemble.

Ok, I realize the last couple of pictures aren’t of boots, but shoe departments any more are like sartorial train wrecks – absolutely horrible, but you just can’t look away. When I was 20-something, heels this high were referred to as “hooker shoes”. I would feel way older except that my now-20-something daughter agrees with me. 

I still don’t have any dress boots.

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