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Shoulder Impingement and Sports Medicine

When I told my son I was planning shoulder surgery, he talked to his chiropractor/sports medicine friend who recommended I consult his colleague in Tampa before taking that step. I was skeptical, but I called and made an appointment with Dr. Joe Giovatto at Countryside Chiropractic. He is certified in Active Release Techniques and Graston Technique, two sports medicine modalities I had never heard of, mainly because I am not a sports person. 

The results have been amazing. Each treatment session brings less pain and increased range of motion. I have been taking pretty strong pain medication, and the times between doses is also stretching out. I have “homework” – exercises that I do several times a day. Also, as I’ve come to understand the mechanics behind shoulder impingement, I have been more motivated to improve my posture, especially at the keyboard, which seems to be the key to the beginnings of impingement syndrome, or at least mine.

I feel so much better! My husband is happy to see me happy, and my co-workers have told me it’s nice to have my animated self back. Feeling crappy and hurting all the time didn’t lend itself to much animation.

I thought chiropractors were limited to back problems and such, but in truth, most of the treatment I’m receiving from Dr. Joe in the way of ART and Graston is not what one might consider to be traditional chiropractic. But whatever it is, it’s really working.


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