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Going To The Birds

Over the past year (or longer–time is always a little wibbly-wobbly for me, totally unrelated to current circumstances), I’ve read about how intelligent crows are and how people make friends with them and then the crows bring them bright-and-shiny presents.

I decided I want to make friends with crows so they can bring me bright-and-shiny presents.

I told Steve I wanted some kind of feeding platform in front of my writing window, so I would be able to see the crows when they come to eat the peanuts that I read would lure them. He kindly obliged.

Waiting for the crows

We did not get crows, but we did have blue jays visit.

Blue jays and crows are both corvids.

And squirrels.

Squirrels are not corvids. They are also very pushy.

What I didn’t consider was how interested Gracie would be in the peanuts. I thought she was just guarding the backyard from the squirrel invaders, until I saw her eating off the board when she thought I wasn’t looking.

Also not a corvid. Also very pushy.

Obviously, an alternate strategy was called for. So, I bought a hanging feeder.

Small dogs cannot reach this. Squirrels had no problem.

Steve dismantled the low platform, found the shepherd’s hook, and we were good to go. Except the birds stopped visiting. Back to the drawing board.

After some engineering and hard work on Steve’s part, we now have a new feeding platform.

New and improved!

Within a couple of days, we started having visitors!

A pair of titmouses – not corvids, but very cute.

This titmouse pair are now regulars at the feeder. I put out about ten peanuts when I first sit down for Morning Pages, and they almost always show up before I’m done.

This morning was especially exciting, because the jays have finally returned! Not only that, but in addition to my titmouses and the jays, a woodpecker stopped by, and I saw a cardinal pair watching the goings-on from across the yard. I may have to start buying more peanuts.

Vulnerable (OctPoWrimo #2)

Gracie stands watch

Peanuts on display
Dog lounges nearby, watching
Who will take that chance?

My second offering for OctPoWriMo, haiku based on the prompt “vulnerable”, and what happens every morning out the window as I sit at my writing table. I’m lucky I get any bird visitors at all.

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