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Silly Sophie (OctPoWriMo #12)

Since I first saw my silly Sophie
And my Sophie first saw me
We have shared long days together
She is now my best friend ever

We’ve gone for walks and we’ve gone camping
She really likes a bit of pampering
One time she tried to chase a rabbit
I’m not sure how she thought she’d grab it

She likes to sleep on the sofa arm
Where she is safe from any harm
She snores her little doggie snores
And I just love her more and more

Today’s OctPoWriMo offering is just a simple rhyme based on the word prompts: playful, childlike silly. And my Sophie.

Vulnerable (OctPoWrimo #2)

Gracie stands watch

Peanuts on display
Dog lounges nearby, watching
Who will take that chance?

My second offering for OctPoWriMo, haiku based on the prompt “vulnerable”, and what happens every morning out the window as I sit at my writing table. I’m lucky I get any bird visitors at all.

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