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Yeet It or Eat It?

I went through the pantry and pulled out all the foods with expired dates. For the most part, food expiration dates don’t really mean that much. They are more for retail stock rotation than anything else. While some things will go off after awhile, most of this stuff will be perfectly fine for a few more months or even years.

I did decide to toss the microwave popcorn that I bought three years ago to have at work for snacks. You remember, when we used to go to offices. And the taco shells that were way in the back. I think we’ve had taco night three times since these were safely placed behind, well, everything. And the older salad dressings are definitely on the iffy side.

The giant can of diced tomatoes is for gumbo that makes too much for just the two of us. The giant cans of tomato puree were bought by mistake because I thought I was reaching for a couple more giant cans of diced tomatoes. The salad dressings were bought BOGO when I greatly overestimated the amount of salad I would ultimately be willing to eat. And I know some of those condensed soups were bought with specific recipes in mind, but who knows which ones or how long ago.

Tonight, we had pork chops and made the Velveeta and Shells to go with them. I’ll cook up the black-eyed peas for New Year’s and enjoy them for several days after Steve chokes down his single good-luck spoonful. And with the giant recipe database that is the internet, who knows what yummy dishes some of these ingredients might eventually become a part of?

I’ll let y’all know how that works out.

Weekend Cooking – Creole Gumbo

My first cookbook

When I graduated high school, Mom and Dad gave me a really nice sewing machine, and Aunt Helen, Mom’s sister, gave me my first cookbook.

Thank you, Aunt Helen and Frances!

She Cooks By Ear was written by my Uncle Buddy’s cousin, Frances S. James, and Aunt Helen got her to autograph it for me.

Our favorite recipe

There is great cooking advice and many great recipes between its covers, but, as you can see by all the stains, this is the family favorite. Most often it was made just as a chicken gumbo, but we did make the full recipe for company and special occasions. (Except for the oysters. Oysters are nasty.)

Just added the seafood and okra – still has another half-hour to cook.
Finished off with the secret of gumbo – powdered sassafras leaves – and ready to eat.
You can’t see the rice, but it’s under there.

Today I made the full recipe (with the previously noted exception) as a celebration for the bright-and-shiny New Year 2021. We had our requisite black-eyed peas yesterday, but this tastes way better.

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