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Lunch With Mom




Me: Okay, Mom! We’re through with our Saturday errands. What do you want to have for lunch? Mexican? Chinese? A sandwich?

Mom: I’ll just decided when I look at the menu.

Me: But if we want Mexican or Chinese we have to decide to go to that restaurant.

Mom: I don’t care. Anything’s fine.

(After our arrival at Daddy’s Grill)

Me: Oh, good – we can choose between the breakfast or lunch menus. I think I’m going to have breakfast. What about you?

Mom: Do they have Mexican food?

Texas Food (So Far)

Waffle made with the Texas-shaped waffle iron at the Dallas La Quinta breakfast area

Waffle made with the Texas-shaped waffle iron at the Dallas La Quinta breakfast area

How nice to be back in Texas, even if only for a visit. Even the food is welcoming me home.

Biscuits & Gravy 11.26.13

Biscuits with white cream gravy, also at the La Quinta breakfast bar. Very southern. Very yummy.



And what trip back to Texas would be complete without a stop in at Whataburger! A Texas tradition since 1950!

Burger sign 11.25.13

Avocado Bacon Burger? On Texas toast? Yes, please!! (Although I did pass on the jalapenos – I’m a kinda sissy native Texan.)

Actual Burger 11.25.13

Well, okay, the actual sandwich is not quite as pretty as the one in the ad on the wall, but it was still pretty tasty.

Steve, too!

Steve, too!

And look – all this food photographing behavior is contagious!


Awhile back, I saw this on the grocery shelf and took a picture just for grins:



I didn’t buy it at the time, and had no real intention of doing so, but then a couple of weeks ago, I saw it on the sale table in the back of the store:



Seeing the photos side by side, I now realize that it was only 17 cents less than the normal price, but I guess I was in a mood because I bought it, again, just for grins. Then, yesterday at work, I had nothing for lunch and remembered that this was in the cabinet. Okay, then – time to try it. 



My co-workers commented on my courage and/or foolishness – it was a little bit of a toss-up which one it might be. While reading the heating instructions, I carefully avoided reading the ingredients list. I did photograph the lot number, just in case medical intervention might be needed.





Well, now – that doesn’t look too bad, does it? Not really, right?




Unfortunately, it tasted like rice in a sage sauce. I couldn’t even taste the Spam for the overwhelming taste of sage. I had to stop after only a few bites.





It’s a good thing I still had the package of cranberry bagels in the fridge or I would have had to lunch on the last of the leftover Halloween candy.



While I did get $1.50 worth of entertainment value showing the package at work and laughing about it beforehand, I really did NOT get $1.50 worth of enjoyable lunch out it. I did, however, get a fun blog post. Not a bad investment, overall, I guess.






I recently tried a new cafe’ in Oldsmar, Nosh!, where I got a breakfast sandwich pressed on Cuban bread. It was really yummy and I can’t wait to get back to try some of their specialty coffee drinks and other breakfast and lunch items.


I also got one of their crumb cakes to go. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but it’s 2/3 “crumb” and 1/3 “cake”. It was pretty tasty, but I would have preferred less crumb and more cake, myself.

It wasn’t too crowded mid-morning, but did have a steady flow of traffic. It seems like a good place for future morning writing sessions.

Nosh Cafe on Urbanspoon

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