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There’s No Coffee???

Our Back-Up

Yesterday morning, my husband went into the kitchen to fill his travel mug, only to find that our coffee pot, while proudly beaming its little green light that normally proclaims “The coffee is ready!”, had not actually made any coffee at all. He had commented the morning before that the coffee tasted funny, and after no coffee at all on  Thursday, we surmised that our trusty morning servant must have been giving its last gasp to try to give us a fine pot of coffee on Wednesday morning, and expired during the process.

Fortunately, we have a back-up coffee pot in the garage, kept for just such an emergency. It’s not fancy, it doesn’t have a clock, a time-delay setting, or an automatic shut-off, but it does the job in a pinch. Morning was saved, even if the old coffee maker wasn’t.

Last night, we set out to find a replacement that would be our reasonably-priced, reliable (for about three years of daily use, anyway) Mr. Coffee #3. A quick trip to Target yielded success and we are now the relieved owners of a brand-new, all-white (because I can’t see what’s in the bottom of the all-black ones and it just makes me too nervous) steadfast morning companion.

Our New Morning Friend

A quick wash, a coffee-less run-through, and our new Mr. Coffee (Shouldn’t we be on first-name terms, now that we live together? Maybe we’ll call him Fred) was ready for set-up for the morning. Our back-up pot will go back into the garage, and be ready when called upon again in about three years’ time.

Since Mother had already gone to bed, I got her white board, wrote “Mom: This is the new coffee pot. Don’t push any buttons. Your coffee will be ready by 6:30 a.m. Love, Kay” in really big letters, and propped it up in front of the coffee maker so she’d be sure to see it. After I got up, she confirmed that her coffee was, indeed, ready by 6:30 and there was much rejoicing.

It is a fine, fine thing to live in a world where your coffee can be hot and ready for you right when you wake up.

WUSF and Public Radio and Coffee



I am a sustaining member with WUSF here in Tampa. That means I contribute a little bit each month, and allow them to automatically charge it to my credit card. My commute to and from work is only about 12 minutes, so during the week, I only listen about 1/2 hour each day. Sometimes I listen on the weekend, depending on what’s on and if I happen to be in the car at the time.

I like public radio. I like listening to the BBC broadcasts that let me feel like at least sometimes I get something closer to truth and clarity in regards to U.S. and world news. I like Diane Rehm, who invites people with opposing ideas onto her show so I feel like I get a fuller understanding of current topics. I like All Things Considered, with its interesting range of topics, and Fresh Air, which always has really great interviews. And, specific to WUSF, I like the All-Night Jazz show that starts at 9:00 pm every night. If I’m still driving around at 9:00 pm, I need a little bit of mellow music to drive home by.

As a sustaining member, I don’t have to call in during the pledge drives because my contributions will continue until I call them and tell them to stop. If they have drawings as part of the pledge drive, they make a point to say that sustaining members are also included. But the donation premiums are only for the people who call in. When I heard that this was their 50th anniversary year and they had coffee mugs, I sent an e-mail requesting one. I like coffee and I like coffee mugs and I was very happy when this one finally arrived in the mail. Right now I have it at work, but I’m thinking since it’s heavy plastic, it just might be the perfect coffee cup to keep in the trailer.



I recently tried a new cafe’ in Oldsmar, Nosh!, where I got a breakfast sandwich pressed on Cuban bread. It was really yummy and I can’t wait to get back to try some of their specialty coffee drinks and other breakfast and lunch items.


I also got one of their crumb cakes to go. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but it’s 2/3 “crumb” and 1/3 “cake”. It was pretty tasty, but I would have preferred less crumb and more cake, myself.

It wasn’t too crowded mid-morning, but did have a steady flow of traffic. It seems like a good place for future morning writing sessions.

Nosh Cafe on Urbanspoon

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