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Black-Eyed Peas for New Year’s Day

I love my pressure cooker. It’s a Crockpot Multi-Cooker, but I call it the Instapot (and I really think Instant Pot missed the mark on that), and the internet agrees with me because whenever I search for new recipes, I put in Instapot as the main search term, and I am presented with exactly what I’m looking for. Sometimes many versions of exactly what I’m looking for. And then I usually pick two or three and do a recipe mash-up of what I think looks like the best from each one. Which is how I came up with the recipe for my New Year’s Day 2022 Lucky Black-Eyed Peas and Greens.

And this is also my first Yeet It or Eat It recipe post! No yeets here – I’ll have my pantry cleared out in no time!

Best-by date of July 7, 2021? Do these dates even count for dried peas and beans? I don’t think so.
Best-by date is March 20, 2018. I think I bought this to use for making black-eyed peas for New Year’s Day of 2018. Doesn’t matter; it’s been in the freezer the whole time.
These mixed greens are really tasty all on their own, but I think I’ll mix them right into the pot.
Best-by date of October 2021. Canned goods pretty much last forever, don’t they?

The recipe I started with was this one at Simply Happy Foodie, but I used the cured dried pork, which really looked a lot like thick bacon slices, so I guess it was pretty close, after all. I did not have a ham hock, but I did have half a bag of frozen baby okra. And then I mixed the can of greens in after it had finished cooking. My daughter in Texas made cornbread to go with her mess o’ peas, but I put mine over brown rice. And everyone in our households had their share to stock up on good luck for 2022 (even if some of them only ate a single pea and swallowed it whole while washing it down with grape drink so he wouldn’t taste it at all, but I’m not naming any names, Steve).

It’s been eight hours since we had our first helpings, and we’re feeling just fine, so it seems “Eat It” was the right choice here.

I hope everyone has a healthful, happy, wonderful, prosperous 2022. That’s certainly our plan.

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