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Sensory Safety (OctPoWriMo #20)

Just a little overwhelmed

Tags in clothes are scratchy
Wool is itchy
Socks choke my ankles
Shoes smother my feet
Turtlenecks try to strangle me
And don’t get me started on bras or shapeware
I really don’t like wearing clothes much at all

When I go out
All the people, at the store, at the mall, everywhere
They’re all trying to breathe my air
Or pollute it with their perfumes, colognes, aftershave
Getting too close, bumping into me
Don’t even say excuse me

And the big box stores, with all their stock jammed everywhere
Fifteen-foot shelves crammed with stuff
So many colors, shapes, sizes, choices
So overwhelming

I can maybe go to the mall, on a Tuesday afternoon
Except in November, December or early January
Or when there’s some big sale
I’d rather pay extra, thanks anyway

So, really, while I don’t like the idea of having to stay home all the time
Not having a choice in the matter
The truth is
Sheltering in place, keeping safe, minimal outside contact
I’ve kinda been training for this my whole life

Catching up some more. OctPoWriMo offering based on a prompt on exploring touch. Kinda free-verse, kinda prose, kinda Friday night free-for-all.

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