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shamc 2019-01-02 18.47.22

I recently found out about the Safety Harbor Art and Music Center (SHAMc), when a friend invited me to attend January’s InPrompt2, their monthly open mic poetry and short prose event. Participants write to a monthly prompt and sign up for 5-7 minutes in the spotlight. The space is amazing, with one side devoted to selling member artists’ wares and the other side a very trippy, artistically dynamic performance area.

Wednesday night’s prompt was “backwards”. About fifteen people got up to share their talents, bare their souls, and revel in the applause from fellow wordsmiths. I had a great time and eagerly awaited the announcement of February’s prompt, so I could start composing on the drive home and be ready to take my turn at the mic next month.

“Hamsters.” February’s prompt is “hamsters.”.

Guess I better get those wheels turning….

Comments on: "InPrompt2" (2)

  1. This sounds amazing! What is the date in February? I would love to attend!      -Misty Ross, LCSW  “When you change the WAY you look at things, the things you look AT change”                                                                             


    • It is the first Wednesday of each month, so 2/6/19. They have an open mic night on 3rd Wednesday, too, but without a specific writing prompt, so way more free-for-all – as I understand, anyway. Haven’t been to that one, yet.


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