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V of Swords – New Perspective

Every morning,as part of my daily journaling session, I draw a single tarot card to study. In my journal, I note it as “COTD” – Card of the Day – and write down what I feel is an apt interpretation. Then I pull interpretations from three different tarot books I keep handy for comparison.

Swords in general are not warm, fuzzy cards, and fives of any suit are not that positive, either. So, the Five of Swords would be expected to be doubly unpleasant. It is generally interpreted as a card of humiliation, defeat, and, at best, poor sportsmanship. We’ve got the guy in the foreground having won all the swords. The guy farthest in the background has has face in his hands, presumably in tears. Yesterday, though, I took greater notice of the guy to the far left, who seems to be just walking away. He’s got his cloak thrown over his shoulder, he’s not slumped over in defeat or crying into his hands. He’s just walking away from a person, a situation he no longer wishes to engage.

So, yes, the Five of Swords still indicates some loss, but on a more affirming note, also making the decision to cut your losses and walk away from a losing hand.

Daily Tarot – 242

At the end of every morning’s journaling session, I do a quick daily tarot spread based on the The Heart of the Tarot by Sandra Thompson, Robert Mueller, and Signe Echols. (I head the page “242” because it is “2 cards 4 2-day”.) It essentially takes the center of the 10-card Celtic Cross spread and posits that that is the most important part and all you need to concentrate on anyway. For a quick reading, it’s ideal and a nice way to have a daily tarot practice that doesn’t feel like studying. (I have had an Amazon Associates account for ages, and this is the first time I have attempted to embed a link and photo. I still can’t tell if it’s working through the “preview feature”. I guess I’ll see if it is there when I hit “post”.)

I look at tarot is an intersection between Jung’s concept of synchronicity and Rorschäch cards. It entertains me when my morning reading really seems to hit the mark, as it did the morning we left Dallas to come home after our Thanksgiving visit. The first card I drew, which in the two-card spread represents The Situation, was the Three of Swords. As you can see by the image below, it is not really a happy card, and I felt it really represented the feelings I had in leaving my granddaughters behind after such a short visit:

The second card of the two-card spread represents The Challenge. In a standard Celtic Cross spread, it is called the Crossing card, representing a major interaction, for good or ill, depending on the card. The second card that morning was The Chariot:

I didn’t really need to consult the book for help interpreting this very obvious two-card set-up. My heart hurt because we were on the road away from my girls.

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