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Obligatory New Year’s Post – 2014 Edition

I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions. I resolve to do different things throughout the year as they seem appropriate and I feel ready. A few weeks ago I resolved to make regular blog posts as part of my writing practice. I believe this will be post #93 (or #94?) on a blog that is over six years old; nineteen of those 93 posts were made in this past month.

Above is a video of Neil Gaiman addressing the University of the Arts graduating class of 2012. I’m not sure just when I stumbled across it, but his metaphor of a mountain representing his main goal in life really resonated with me, and evidently with a lot of people, based on how many times I’ve seen this video shared. I still find it moving, and I continue to ask myself as I go through my days and weeks, “Are today’s choices moving me closer to the mountain?”

I don’t know if I’m making “good art” yet, but it feels like I’m at least approaching the foothills.

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