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Mom’s Birthday



Norma Moore.1930

Mom, 1930, about 3 months old (?)

Mom will be 84 tomorrow. Looking at her baby picture, I see the same fat baby cheeks that show up in most all the babies born in our family.

Mom c. 1944

Mom, age 15


In this photo, I see the girl that Dad fell head-over-heels for and married four months later.

Cutie-Pie Norma

Mom, about 25

This is a picture of the mom my sister knew when she was little, before my brother was born.

Mom, age 32

Mom, age 32

And this is a picture of Mom when I was a baby, the mom my sister and brother both knew, but before I can really remember.

Mom & Kay c. 1969

Mom, around age 39, with me, about age 8

And now, the Mom I remember, still very slender, still very youthful, but with that scary 60’s-era bouffant or whatever it’s called.

Norma, age 60

Norma, age 60

After they retired and moved out to the country, Mom didn’t want to spend the money for the weekly hairdresser’s appointment, so she started getting the tightly-curled, old lady afro perm that she still gets today (see above – same hairstyle she gets at Fantastic Sam’s ). I have no memory of what my mother’s natural hair looks like, although I suspect it would be just like mine, straight and baby-fine. I keep mine very short, but it seems like I remember hearing her say that she doesn’t like the shape of her head, and so a cut like mine would not sound like a good plan to her at all.  (How does a person decide she has a funny-shaped head??)

Mom, age 80

Mom, age 80 (almost)

See – the same perm (well, this one needs trimming a little) and she doesn’t dye her hair at all. I don’t think that gray at her temples showed up until she was 70.

9.10.11 105

Mom, almost 82, at the front of the grocery

And here she is a couple of years ago, sitting where she always sits when we go grocery shopping. She visits with the cashiers and baggers while Steve and I walk all around the store.

12.19.13 camera download 070And here she is last month at Thanksgiving, sitting in the living room of the house she lived in before she moved in with me.

We went out to dinner tonight, but I forgot to take any photos. She’ll be going to The Neighborly Care center tomorrow, and she made sure they know it’s her birthday. They’ve invited me to come for cake, so that’s what I’ll be doing on my lunch break. And I already have my camera in my purse.



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