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Nude Nite

Several weeks ago, I saw something about Nude Nite coming to Tampa and I signed up for their e-mail list. I wasn’t sure what it would be, but I got this in my inbox this morning, and it looks wonderful. Nudes in two and three dimensions, artists creating on-site, nude performance artists, others not quite nude, but performing in celebration of the human body.

I don’t remember ever feeling ashamed of my body and always puzzled over references to people (women, mostly) feeling the need to turn off the lights before undressing. I would be naked all the time if I could. I think it would be really cool to be an artist’s model in a drawing class and I’m also intrigued by bodycasts in different materials. One of the art forms I want to explore someday is papercraft, and I think body casting with paper would produce some very nice results.

I am definitely attending when this comes to Tampa. Somehow I don’t think my husband will argue too much. Anyone else want to go?

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