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Dominant Genes


Etta & Gus Fraser c. 1953

This is a photo of my father’s parents. I don’t understand just how specific facial features can be so much more dominant than others, but in our family, Etta’s chin, cheeks and dimples are still showing up in almost all the babies in our family, now in the 5th and 6th generations from Mamaw & Papaw.

Here’s a picture of me:


Baby Kay, around 6 months old

And a picture of my daughter:


Baby Janette, around 12 months old

And a picture of my older granddaughter when she was brand-new:


Baby Eva

And now our newest addition, her baby sister:


Baby Kelsey

That’s five generations (too bad I don’t have baby pix of my Dad!), and some of my sister’s grandchildren have become parents, carrying these cheeks into the 6th generation.

When my daughter posted Kelsey’s first picture on Facebook, one of her cousins commented, “Yep – she’s one of ours!”

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