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A tree in my neighborhood

I invited my muse on my daily walk
And hoped that she would come along
I felt we needed a chance to talk
So I could ask where I’d gone wrong

She told me that I needn’t fear
I must but listen in order to hear
Now I set my intention as I tie my laces
And so am back in her good graces

Today’s OctPoWriMo offering is a Rispetto, based on the word prompts: Muse, Inspiration, In the flow, Creativity. Part of the suggested prep for today’s session was to write a letter to your muse, asking the best way to hear them, work with them, and how to work in the creative stream. It seems that mine, much as Julia Cameron emphasizes in many of her books, beginning with The Artist’s Way, thinks I should be having a daily walk.

Comments on: "Open Invitation (OctPoWriMo #11)" (3)

  1. Love this! I believe movement is essential to creativity. Well done!


  2. Beautiful write…. 🙂


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