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Fairy portal at Collier-Seminole State Park

I wanted to see fairies
Fairies like in my story books
Books I escaped in whenever I could
Could I ever see them? Where should I look?

I try to catch them unaware
Unaware my plans are for naught
Naught I can do but wait for the moon
Moon in the sky, I’ll dance about

I never saw a fairy one
One day I finally realized why
Why we can’t see them all the time
Time to look with my heart, not my eye

Today’s OctPoWriMo offering, a Loop poem, based on the prompts: thoughts, feelings, heartfelt, practical, whimsical, and my delight in finding tiny doorways in nature.

Comments on: "Finding Fairies (OctPoWriMo #9)" (3)

  1. Payal Agarwal said:

    “Time to look with the heart.” Lovely!


  2. Good job! And you kept the rhyme scheme, too! Love that final line. Thank you. xoA


  3. How whimsical! Lovely loop poem.


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