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Words to Weave With

Tiny Toadstool 2020-03-28 10.49.19

A tiny toadstool in our front garden. Unrelated to the writing, except that it was as ephemeral as I’m feeling now.

This morning was the second time I’ve joined Firefly’s Morning Coffee writing session. I’m in Florida, they’re in Canada. Crazy how things work out. We all threw out words we like, and then chose from that list for our writing prompts. Even though I picked relatively positive words for my list, my writing took me down the same shadowed lanes my mind has been wandering the past few weeks.

Here’s a portion of today’s session, a poem of sorts:

My thoughts and feelings are messy
Bubbling up from that primal pit of fear
Until recently forgotten below the base of Laslow’s pyramid
I’ve been living happily on the 4th level, with occasional forays to the top
But now I find myself sitting on the bare boards of the bottom floor
The rug pulled out from under me

Steve returns from his dangerous hunting foray to the big box store
Crackling plastic bags carried in gloved hands
Our eco-conscious reusable shopping bags still in the pantry
The stores don’t want us to bring them; we don’t want germs to get on them

So, it’s back to disposables
Disposable bags
Disposable gloves
Disposable wipes
Disposable masks
Disposable people

Oh, wait – we’re not supposed to realize that last one
Or at least not say it right out loud….

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