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PMS Alert!



Dear MyMonthlyCycles Member, 

This is to remind you that you should be getting your period in approximately 3 day(s) on December 28, 2013.

The average number of days between your periods, based on your tracking history, is 26 days.


I read blog posts that sometimes share amazingly personal information and wonder how the authors can bring themselves to be so open as to put such highly personal stuff out on the intertubes. Information that will be there forever, forever linked with their names. I read writing books that say writing is about plumbing the depths – and, one would hope, the heights – of one’s history and psyche for compelling topics that will strike chords with one’s readers. I guess I’m doing a little of that today.

The e-mail message above was in my inbox this morning. (Merry Christmas!) It was immediately forwarded to my husband as one of our more important marriage preservation rituals. When were were dating, I was very careful to impress upon him the fact that for ADDers, out-of-sight is truly out-of-mind, and for this particular ADDer, any memory from more than three days ago gets transferred (hopefully) into the “big pool of Before” and most of the time has no concrete calendar/date anchor unless linked to some larger world event. So, for years, even though women’s cycles are monthly, mine was always a surprise, with the only hint being the exponential increase in my bitchiness level a day or two prior.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon this website and getting that little e-mail every month helps our household maintain equilibrium. I also thought that now that I’m in my 50’s, it would give me an indication as to when I’ll be done with this foolishness, but over the past couple of years, my 27 -day cycle has actually reduced itself to a 26-day cycle. My body really can’t do anything the normal way.

Ladies, forwarding that e-mail each month truly can save your man’s life, since he won’t inadvertantly ask you about it while in striking range. So – here ya go. My oversharing, public service announcement.  Merry Christmas.

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