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Thanksgiving in East Texas

Mother relaxing in a familiar spot

We drove to Texas for Thanksgiving this year. Part of our adventure was Thanksgiving Day in Wills Point, in the home Mom and Dad retired to in 1984. Dad passed away in 1988, but Mother lived there another 19 years, until she moved in with me in 2007. Currently my sister’s younger daughter is living there with her husband. All of my niece’s kids were there, and my sister’s older daughter and her son, too. And lots of children, including Mother’s newest great-great grandchild. It really brought back memories of when my children and their cousins were little and we would go to this same house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mother really enjoyed “going home”. She even got to watch the Cowboys win their football game.

Mother and a portion of her progeny

Mother and a portion of her progeny

Mother's newest great-great grandchild

Mother’s newest great-great grandchild

I thought all the noise from all the kids would stress me out since we don’t live with it day-to-day anymore, but it’s more like a slightly discordant symphony and ballet, and less like a cacophonous rabble when none of the little voices are crying specifically for you. My husband and I  just got to sit back and watch and listen and smile.

Gracie taking it all in

Gracie taking it all in

Gracie was very excited to see all the people and other dogs and had a great time socializing, but eventually even she had to take a little break.

Thanksgiving 2013 - Gracie hiding

Gracie taking refuge

We had a wonderful time. We’ve now invited ourselves to two different family members’ Thanksgiving celebrations over the last two years. I wonder who we’ll target next year?


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