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Shopping Cart Rant


Okay, listen up. When you inconsiderately leave your shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot, you:

  1. block a potential parking space (especially egregious when this is a space close-in, or even worse, the handicapped space).
  2. hazard that cart being blown by the wind into someone else’s car and possibly scratching or denting it – or both.
  3. make picking up the carts more difficult for the baggers, so they take longer and are less available inside to bag someone else’s groceries.
  4. show the world what a lazy, inconsiderate jerk you are.

And, as shown in the photo above – you don’t get half-credit for getting the cart to the BACK of the corral and then leaving it still blocking the parking space. For goodness’ sake, how hard is the extra 10 steps?


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